Charlotte Brooke
Measurements: 32 - 24 - 36
Height: 5' 8
Shoe Size: 9
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
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I have always been a girl who loves dressing up in a cute dress, nylons and heels. I actually do it every single day except today I decided to add some cute little mouse ears and then Michael decided to add the cage like a custom mouse trap to make things a little more kinky since we had nothing else to do.
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I have visited the COP in Germany for years and years and every time I was there I saw this cage standing all alone in a dark cold corner. I loved how it looked and I really, really wanted to try it out sometime.
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I arrived to a note with special instructions to dress up in the provided outfit and to lock myself in some cuffs and to wait.
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I found myself trussed up tight as a perfect stocking stuffer under the tree in my bodysuit, ballet boots, hood, and single glove with leather straps so tight that I couldn't even wiggle my toes to enjoy some quality time by the Christmas tree.
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This week is a visit to the folks over at Studio Gum in Germany. There was so much latex and Heavy Rubber Hoods on display that when I was told I could try out anything that I liked in only took a second to jump right in!
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I always say that my favorite time of the year is Fall... I probably need to learn to be careful about what I say because this year I found myself Hogcuffed and muzzled in the leaves out in the backyard totally alone to struggle with the neighbors just on the other side of the fence.
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Feeling kinky one afternoon I put on my purple zentai suit and some leather lingerie on top. Then I locked myself in some old school legcuffs and handcuffs.
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Not long ago I visited Rubbers Finest in Germany and spent time trying on and testing out all of their amazing rubber hoods and gear.
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I got a new pair of shiny leggings and wanted to share some photos of me in them.
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