Charlotte Brooke Biography

Born - July 20th

Height - 5 feet 8 inches

Weight - 115 lbs

Hair - Brown

Eyes - Green

Shoe Size - 9

Favorite Color - Purple

Favorite Fetishes   -   Ballet Boots I can walk in them almost 10 hours now,

                                High Heels Latex, Bondage, Whips, Leather, Lingerie, Nylons,

   Anything where I am completely helpless and can’t get out.  I dislike fake bondage.

   I think that all women should be required to wear high heels all of the time.


Favorite Gear   -   My Ledermeister Gear, A good TENS unit with a new pack of batteries.

Print / Movies -  Sept. 2004 Hustler Magazine 

                         Marquis Magazine #28 

                         Family Business on Showtime                               

                         Making Of A Mistress DVD   

                         Sgt Major Bondage Classics 3

                         Promoted Into Pain

                         The Doll Maker      

                         and many more...

Other Hobbies non fetish - Model Cars/Planes, Scrapbooks, Motorcycles, Scuba Diving,

                                       Trains, Watercraft, Mercedes Benz


Favorite Movies - Back To the Future Trilogy, Star Trek

Favorite TV - Sex and the City, Anything Star Trek , Ghost Whisperer, American Choppers


Other Websites -  BondageBarrix.Com, HouseOfGord.Com, Petgirls.Com,

                           WhippedAss.Com, WaterBondage.Com, Madame S Catalog,

                           VenusIsle.Com, Enslaved.Com, FetishNation.Com, NakedGord.Com,

                           BondageHarem.Com, JulietHeart.Com,  BondageBarrix.Com,

                           SatinSteel.Com, DavidKnightBondage.Com, BackdoorBondage.Com,

                           BondageJones.Com, CorporalBondage.Com, BondageChannel.Com,

                 , TiedTickledandTortured.Com

                           and Many More.........                 


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