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This is a set from the last time Vanessa came out to visit us from California. Vanessa was fairly new to the kink world and at the time she had only begun to experiment with bondage and during her visit she had asked Michael to tie her up. Of course since that is what we do here she didn't have to ask him twice. By the end of her visit she found that not only is it fun to be tied but it is also very rewarding to be a little more dominate.
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Vanessa loved the feeling of being tied up so much she came back and wanted more. This week she is wearing a tight catsuit with a corset. She is tied up in hot pink rope into a hogtie and does her best to struggle against the ropes.
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Vanessa wore a sexy, tight latex dress with a pair of six inch stiletto high heels. She is tied tight with rope and does her best to move around. At first she can stand for a while then she fell on the couch. With a little more movement she was struggling on the floor.
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