Height: 5' 4
Shoe Size: 6
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
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I came across this set the other day and wanted to share it with everyone. This update turned out a little different then Skye and Myself thought. Originally she was to lock me in the cage and then we were going to do a little set for all of you. Except things don't always go the way they are planned around here. And after all if there is a cage and two girls in latex it is pretty straight forward as to what should happen
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I came across this set of pictures and realized I have never shared them. They were taken the first time that Skye worked with us. She wanted to try out electric play so we used the breast cups on her with the tens unit. Tied he to a frame and let her enjoy the shocks.
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Whenever you get on a plane you never know who you are going to sit next to on an airplane. Some people talk and some people stay to themselves. Sky was one who liked to talk and when she found out what I do for a living she was interested. Eventually she wrote us and asked if she could try it out.
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2 tens units and a metal frame. The first will put a positive charge in the frame and the second will charge the tits. Both units can be adjusted to deliver the appropriate level of discipline to the desired area. A motion detector ensured that if I moved too much my tits would receive a shock based on the current level set on the first tens unit. The second part of the training was the fact that my legs were locked into some very tight rigid shackles in which I had to stand on my toes to keep my pussy from touching the frame. Move my body and tits are shocked and if the legs gave out my pussy is fried. There was only one possible outcome.
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I was on vacation and the hotel room had a tall lamp like this and I am not sure what started the process but in my dream I was attached to the lamp for the night. I told the guys about the dream and they decided to do something about it. With a little modification. X-10 Controlled Dimmer and Radio Frequency Remote. I had the perfect bedside light.
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